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800 Dosino

Drive with write/read hardware for intelligent dosing units. With permanently attached cable (length 0.65 m).

874 Oven Sample Processor

The 874 Oven Sample Processor is used for automatic thermal sample preparation in Karl Fischer titration. The oven method is particularly suitable for samples that do not release their water until higher temperatures have been reached, for sparingly soluble samples, or those that react with the KF reagent

888 Titrando with OMNIS SW

High-end titrator with built-in buret drive includes:
  • OMNIS standalone license, 801 Stirrer magnetic stirrer, 20 mL exchange unit and combined "Ecotrode plus" pH glass electrode
  • Dynamic (DET), monotone (MET), end point titration (SET), Karl-Fischer Titration (KFT)
  • Four MSB connectors
  • Optional second buret for titration
  • A galvanically isolated measuring interface (also for intelligent electrodes "iTrodes")
  • USB connector

Eco IC Package

The automated introductory model for water analysis and teaching. The IC Eco Package can be retrofitted with Inline Ultrafiltration at any time. The scope of delivery includes the Eco IC, the 863 Compact IC Autosampler, the conductivity detector, the Metrohm Suppressor Module ("MSM") and the MagIC Net Basic software.

Eco KF Titrator

The new Eco KF Titrator with integrated magnetic stirrer und touch-sensitive display is ideal for routine water content determination. Predefined methods enable a smooth and easy instrument start-up. In addition to GLP-compliant printouts on paper or as PDFs, the Eco KF Titrator also offers the option of connecting balances or of sending the determination data to a PC via PC / LIMS reports.

Eco Titrator

The compact Eco Titrator with integrated magnetic stirrer and touch-sensitive user interface is ideal for routine analysis. It provides GLP-compliant results with minimum space requirements at all times (approx. DIN A4). Universally compatible with almost all potentiometric titrations, such as, for example, for
  • Food products: Acid content, chloride, Vitamin C, iodine and peroxide number in fats
  • Water analysis: Carbonate and Ca/Mg hardness, chloride, sulfate, permanganate index
  • Petrochemistry: Acid/base number, sulfide & mercaptans, chloride, bromine number
  • Electroplating: Total acid, metal content, chloride
  • Surfactant analysis: Anionic, cationic and non-ionic surfactants
Photometry with the Optrode: p and m value, metals, water hardness

Ion Chromatograph

Ion chromatography instruments for routine use and research applications: flexible, reliable, and easy to use.

Karl Fisher Titrator

KF titrators and accessories for volumetric and coulometric water content determination in liquid, solid, or gaseous samples.

ProfIC Vario 15 AnCat

The Professional IC Vario system with Metrohm's intelligent Partial Loop Injection Technique, sequential suppression, and conductivity detection enables fully automated determination of anions and cations. "Partial Loop Injection" enables the injection of various sample volumes. Typical areas of application:
  • Universal use for all types of samples
  • From trace analysis to waste water analysis
  • Great differences in concentration in a single sample series

Sample beaker, plastic (PE), 75 mL, 144 pieces

Sample beaker, plastic (polyethylene, PE) 75 mL, suitable for sample racks: 6.2041.340, 6.2041.350, and 6.2041.800, suitable for 6.02041.040 OMNIS Software sample rack, 144 pieces.


Metrohm portfolio of titrators includes affordable, compact, and stand-alone options as well as modern and fully automated systems.