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01078-87302 Sample loop

Sample loop, stainless steel, 100 µL. for G1313A, G1329A/B Autosampler and 1120/1220 System with Autosampler

11SR300111VS11 Rotavapor R-300

Rotavapor R-300  B-301, SJ29/32, V, P+G, I-300, V-300, F-305, 230V The rotary evaporator R-300 system is bundled with the Vacuum Pump V-300, controlled by the Interface I-300 and Recirculating Chiller F-305. Features are:
  • Vacuum Pump: V-300 (1.8m3/h, 5mbar)
  • Protective Coating: P+G safety coating
  • Lift System: Manual
  • Heating Bath: B-301 (20 - 95°C, 1L)
  • Standard Joint: SJ 29/32
  • Glass Assembly: Vertical (V)
  • Interface: I-300,
  • Woulff bottle
  • Recirculating Chiller: F-305, -10 to 25°C, 550W
  • Voltage: 220 - 240V

1260 Infinity II Analytical-Scale LC Purification System

Agilent offers high- and ultrahigh-performance LC systems customized for applications from routine analysis to specialized workflow solutions. Our preparative HPLC systems provide superior sample purification with excellent recovery.  

2140-0820 InfinityLab long-life deuterium DAD/MWD lamp

nfinityLab long-life deuterium DAD/MWD lamp, with RFID tag. For Agilent diode array detectors with standard flow cell (G1315C/D, DAD of

2301P and 2501P Remote Airborne Particle Counters 0.1 CFM (2.83 LPM)

The 2301P and 2501P particle counters provide a range of particle size measurement from 0.3 to 25.0 μm at 0.1 CFM (2.83 LPM) flow. These sensors allow for efficient particle counting with high accuracy and resolution that meet or exceed ISO 21501-4 and JIS B9921 for the calibration of a particle counter. These units are equipped with an internal pump and manifold and do not require an external vacuum source. Integration into a building automation or facility monitoring system is easy via standard MODBUS RS-485 communication.

5610125600-Nickel – Ni, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk

Nickel - Ni, Uncoded HC Lamp, 1/pk. Uncoded single element hollow cathode lamp. For use in all AAS instruments with octal base connector

800 Dosino

Drive with write/read hardware for intelligent dosing units. With permanently attached cable (length 0.65 m).

874 Oven Sample Processor

The 874 Oven Sample Processor is used for automatic thermal sample preparation in Karl Fischer titration. The oven method is particularly suitable for samples that do not release their water until higher temperatures have been reached, for sparingly soluble samples, or those that react with the KF reagent

888 Titrando with OMNIS SW

High-end titrator with built-in buret drive includes:
  • OMNIS standalone license, 801 Stirrer magnetic stirrer, 20 mL exchange unit and combined "Ecotrode plus" pH glass electrode
  • Dynamic (DET), monotone (MET), end point titration (SET), Karl-Fischer Titration (KFT)
  • Four MSB connectors
  • Optional second buret for titration
  • A galvanically isolated measuring interface (also for intelligent electrodes "iTrodes")
  • USB connector