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This webinar introduces two new intelligent high-end LC/MS systems that have been engineered to support multiple analytical workflows to achieve this end.  The new 6495 triple quadrupole LC/MS system is an ultra-high performance, high throughput system built for research and testing labs that routinely quantify large sample sets for high numbers of analytes using sub-millisecond dwell times.  In comparison, the Revident LC/Q-TOF embodies the next generation of quadrupole time-of-flight technology, excelling in high resolution screening, identification of unknowns and accurate-mass quantitation workflows.
You will learn:
– How novel high-end Triple Quad and Q-TOF LC/MS systems have been engineered to enhance Life Science and Applied Markets workflows
– How AI tuning, enhanced software diagnostics and intelligent data-dependent sample reinjection logic elevate instrument performance and productivity to new levels for a wide range of applications
– How to maximize data quality and confidence without compromising throughput

Speaker Details
Jonathan Spencer:
Application Specialist 
Agilent Technologies.

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