250 Types of Pesticides analysis, either identification or quantitative in complex sample matrix now available at JIJE Analytical Testing Service Laboratory.

The global agriculture industry uses over a thousand different pesticides in the production of food. Producers require pesticides to meet the increasing demand for reasonably priced food. This growing demand has increased the use of pesticides and encouraged problematic agricultural practices that have elevated risks in the food supply and the environment. Concerns about trace level chemical pollutants in food are driving the demand for more rapid and reliable methods for the identification and quantitation of chemical residues.

JIJE Analytical Testing Service Laboratory introduce pesticides residue analysis (250 pesticide components) in its service list. We have 250 pesticide standards to analyze pesticides using LC-MS/MS; GC-MS, GC-FID/ECD/NPD and GC-MS/MS.

We perform pesticide residue analysis in coffee, Black tea, Honey, Juice, Cereal crop, Oil seeds, Vegetables, Fruits, Alcohols and Beverages, Drinking and Irrigation water, Soil and other samples.

Laboratory Facilities & Quality System

Here, we demonstrate screening and quantitation for 246 pesticides and metabolites using an Agilent Ultivo Triple Quadrupole LC/MS.

Our Laboratory equipped with Agilent 8890GC 7000D MS/MS that operated by highly qualified and knowledgeable staff in area of field. We create the capability to perform pesticide residue analysis in any complex sample matrix.

We are delight to announce for Coffee, Honey, black tea, oil seed and cereals exports to send your sample to our laboratory rather to send it overseas.

Regulatory bodies and Imports invited to utilize our laboratory service.

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