Pharmaceuticals designed to be slowly degradable or even non degradable to resist chemical degradation during passage through a human or animal body present a special risk when they enter, persist or disseminate in the environment. Such substances are referred to as environmentally persistent pharmaceutical pollutants (EPPPs).


When released into the environment, the biological activity of environmentally persistent pharmaceutical pollutants may directly adversely affect non-target organisms, such as wildlife, and cause long -term impacts on ecosystem health and resilience. The latter occurs through population-level effects on reproductive ability, which persist into future generations of non-target organisms.


JIJE Analytical Testing Service Laboratory delight to announce that we are ready to provide the analytical testing service on detection EPPPs analytes on different sample matrix.


We use high profile Agilent UHPLC, Ultivo MS/MS system for identification and quantification. Method optimization performed by highly qualified professional on chromatography instrument.


Pharmaceutical Pollutant Standards

These are list of pharmaceutical components that we are analyzing at this time.

  1. Ciprofloxacin
  2. Carbamazepine
  3. Diclofenac
  4. Amoxicillin
  5. Tetracycline



Delivery Time of Test Results

We deliver the test results in a short time (1-2 weeks) based on the interest of customer, types and number of samples.  The maximum time to deliver test result is two weeks.


Handling of Customer Item and Sample

The laboratory is committed to keep the customers item and sample until the holding time of each sample. Before disposal of customer item and sample we communicate with the customer regarding removal of the items.



Our laboratory experts are highly professional, experienced, skilled & working with high motivation & inspiration. They are PhD, MSc, BSc degree holders and graduated from famous universities in the country and abroad. Many of our professionals are highly trained and authorized for specific technical service including analysis of specific and identified parameters.

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